Marukai Corporation – Energy Efficiency Services

In late 2016, Marukai Corporation, a retail market specializing in Asian Foods, consulted with  EEI.  As a result, in 2017 EEI implemented its Utility Reduction Solutions package. The recommendations included the replacement of all Marukai’s incandescent ceiling lighting for their main store, a location of approximately 45,000 square feet, in Gardena, California.

In addition to the lighting replacement, EEI installed an Energy Management System (EMS), a real-time energy tracking program. Through a system of electronic monitoring devices, the performance of the energy utilization in the store can be monitored, controlled, and optimized to its greatest efficiency.  Controlling the cooling temperatures for the frozen goods yielded the largest savings.  A final assessment and evaluation was conducted in 2018 to validate the projected energy savings.  EEI is currently working with Marukai to determine the optimum program for their stores.





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