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Energy Experts International is a leader in providing management consultation to companies, organizations, and end-users on energy issues – both domestically and globally.

Global warming and environmental concerns have created new energy options. It has altered the way energy is supplied, utilized, managed, and consumed. Balancing all of these complex issues requires an expert.

Our top priority is working SAFELY to accomplish our goal of maximum customer satisfaction.

We provide creative and effective energy solutions to your business; whether it’s natural gas, electric power, or oil. Our expertise is in helping our clients make the best decisions on energy issues.


Pipeline Inspection Services

EEI’s Gas Inspection Program provides pipeline inspection and integrity services for natural gas pipeline systems. Services include inspections of gas transmission, distribution, and storage systems.

Electric Inspection Services

EEI’s experienced inspectors are all journeyman Qualified Electrical Workers (QEW). They are available to augment your existing staff and seamlessly operate on your behalf.

Valve and Actuator Services

One of the critical components in today’s modern pipeline systems are the valves and actuators that allow the natural gas or refined products/crude systems to operate safely and effectively.

Engineering Services


Renewable Energy Efficiency

Renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal, are receiving a great deal of focus as they are a clean and inexhaustible form of energy.

Infrastructure Efficiency Studies

EEI’s Renewable and Energy Efficiency Services division is a comprehensive energy service consulting offering, which provides sustainable and renewable energy solutions to the industrial and commercial marketplace.

Sustainable Services Strategies

As an Energy Service Consultant, EEI is constantly aware of the advances in technologies as they pertain to energy usage. We understand the various forms of distributed generation, net metering, and energy monitoring.

Strategic Managing of Energy Costs

EEI’s Renewable & Energy Efficiency Services mandate is to help clients increase profits and improve overall building operations. This is accomplished through project design, management, and staging.

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