Energy Experts International’s single focus is to deliver a premier and discriminating service to its clients by providing industry subject matter experts who are knowledgeable and experienced on how to provide the best solutions for its clients.


Our experience and depth of energy expertise gives us a significant advantage over general management consulting firms. It allows us to:

  • Guarantee satisfaction (We will not accept a fee unless the client is 100% satisfied).
  • Provide an accurate and expeditious assessment of issues.
  • Provide solutions that are practical, cost effective, and most importantly, successfully implemented.
  • Provide global solutions; by virtue of our world-wide experience, we have a global repertoire of knowledge, such as best practices, as well as valuable “lessons learned” which we will consider and share when working with our clients.

Our consultants view problem solving from a long-term vantage point. “Stop-gap” solutions often lead to irreparable harm and almost usually end up costing more time and money in the long run.

Our veteran experts can quickly identify the issues, provide an assessment, and recommend solutions that can be implemented in practice. On every project, every team member or consultant has direct knowledge and experience in the energy industry. This technical expertise enables our consultants to understand and appreciate our clients’ concerns better than those with only general management experiences. All of our consultants are professionals who have worked in the energy industry for an average of 26 years.


At EEI, we take special care to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We never take on a project unless we are sure that we can complete the work with the high level of expectation and expertise that our clients expect and demand. Credibility and trust are the most important attributes that assures a returning client.