Energy Experts International (EEI) Applicant Design Group with its team of qualified Applicant Designers is here to advise and guide your project from inception through the construction process. Our team is very knowledgeable in overhead and underground designs, which helps to ensure smooth and efficient coordination with the area utility. Our experienced team will handle all the necessary coordination with the telecommunications companies as well, ensuring their smooth integration into the construction phase. We are here to advise you and answer any questions that arise during the applicant trenching process and will supply detailed trenching diagrams for your use. Whether you prefer to use PG&E or your own electrical contractor for final construction, we will provide detailed and thorough construction drawings for their use and coordinate to ensure a trouble-free completion to your project. We will be your advocate and liaison, taking care of all aspects of communication with PG&E and other involved utilities. As your advocate, we are here to partner with you to meet your cost, design, and construction goals.


  • Establish liaison relationships with involved utility leadership
  • Representation of client at pre-construction meetings with PG&E
  • Assist and advocate timely inspections and construction scheduling (pipe placement, cabling, tie-in)
  • Coordination with Utility Project Team up to meter set
  • Coordination with client’s construction group (plumber, electrician, trenching agent)
  • On-site resolution of conflicts in field