The design team at Energy Experts International (EEI) is comprised of qualified engineers with decades of experience in the electric and gas utility sector. From residential dwellings and subdivisions to large-scale commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications, EEI will use our expertise to expedite the design process while ensuring that your desired goals are met. With EEI as your applicant designer, you will receive a cost-effective and efficient design that meets your project demands, complies with utility standards and state regulations, and is delivered in a timely and professional manner.


  • Representation at the Globals meeting (discussion of service requirements by utility)
  • Utility distribution and service design by applicant (R13/15/16)
  • Distribution undergrounding required by applicant (R20B/20C)
  • Coordination with utility company staff (gas, electric, phone, CATV)
  • Streetlight layout and circuit design
  • Parking lot lighting layout and circuit design
  • Preliminary intent design and Form A sent to participating phone and cable utilities
  • Composite plan working drawings and Form B
  • Material summary
  • Utility contract review and analysis