As PG&E qualified and experienced Applicant Designers, the team at Energy Experts International (EEI) provides consulting services to meet all your project needs from inception to energization. Our consultation service includes preliminary utility project planning and fielding verification to locate all existing wet & dry utilities and tie-in points, initiating Underground Service Alert (USA), identifying existing and other possible service connection points, the PG&E Application process, Joint Trench Consulting, CPUC Rule interpretation, Utility Contract Review, and advice on how to maximize Utility project cost credits.


  • Preliminary planning and site feasibility analysis
  • Gas and electric project load review
  • Provide advice for locations of electric facilities to serve the customer
  • Initiate USA process and outreach to involved utilities
  • Coordination with project team members
  • Provide tariff and rule information and guidance
  • Initiate the Application for Service Process