In 1995, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) established an Applicant Design (AD) program which allowed applicants for gas and electric services the option to design the distribution and service facilities to serve their Single-Family Dwellings, Residential Developments, Subdivisions and Commercial/Industrial developments, as an alternative to utilizing PG&E’s design services.

Energy Experts International (EEI) provides Applicant Design services for all types of residential and commercial construction. EEI provides a “turnkey” product that includes consultation, design, and construction management, that allows members of your construction team to focus on other aspects of construction rather than the day-to-day interaction with the utility.

EEI will create a package for Utility approval that consists of an online application, design/construction drawing, material list and other technical information required. As your liaison with the utility, EEI will track your project from design, contract analysis, construction support and scheduling to meter set.

The EEI Applicant Design team members have decades of extensive experience with project management, design, estimating, and construction, from both the utility and private sector perspective.


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