In 1995, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) established an Applicant Design (AD) program which allowed applicants for gas and electric services the option to design the distribution and service facilities to serve their Single-Family Dwellings, Residential Developments, Subdivisions and Commercial/Industrial developments, as an alternative to utilizing PG&E’s design services.

Energy Experts International (EEI) provides Applicant Design services for all types of residential and commercial construction. EEI provides a “turnkey” product that includes consultation, design, and construction management, that allows members of your construction team to focus on other aspects of construction rather than the day-to-day interaction with the utility.

EEI will create a package for Utility approval that consists of an online application, design/construction drawing, material list and other technical information required. As your liaison with the utility, EEI will track your project from design, contract analysis, construction support and scheduling to meter set. CALL US AT 925-359-7799.

The EEI Applicant Design team members have decades of extensive experience with project management, design, estimating, and construction, from both the utility and private sector perspective.







Project Coordination





Phil Storment, Director, Engineering and Design

Phil Storment has over 41 years’ experience in the gas & electric utility business with PG&E. He has extensive experience in New Construction estimating and design work. His vast cumulative utility experience led him to his final role where he retired from the gas and electric utility industry as Director of Service Planning & Design, Northern California.

Phil is knowledgeable of relevant federal, state and local regulations, as well as CPUC Tariffs related to serving utility customers.

Phil is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a BS in Business Administration.

Patrick F. Hayes, J.D., Vice President, Energy Market Enterprises

Patrick Hayes is the Vice President, Energy Market Enterprises.

He is a 40-year veteran of the gas and electric utility business and was responsible for the provision of gas and electric services for PG&E’s customers in densely populated sectors of Northern California. He has extensive and diverse experience interfacing with utility clients, as well as the energy industry in the private sector. He spearheaded numerous initiatives such as the EV charging station and overhead to underground conversion projects, as the Director of the Utility Design & Consulting Division for Energy Experts International.

Pat provides leadership and guidance in working on new concepts and approaches to meeting the future Energy needs of clients, especially in the downstream renewable energy business.

Patrick is a graduate of the University of San Francisco and has a Juris Doctorate from Empire College.

Kurt Griffin, Lead Design Engineer

Kurt Griffin, a Bay Area native, first entered the utility industry in 1978 as a member of an overhead and underground electric construction crew working for Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Kurt served as a Distribution Planning Engineer overseeing the Utility’s distribution infrastructure in the North Bay Area. Part of his utility work experience was spent planning and engineering new electrical services for residential and commercial projects. In doing so, Kurt advocated for the electric service applicants, guiding them through design and construction.

Most recently, Kurt has spent over five years leading EEI’s efforts to produce reconstruction designs including pole and cable replacements to California wildfire restoration.

Kurt is a graduate of California State University Sacramento with a degree in Electronics-Electrical Engineering.

  • Provide support to design or project coordination team for Tariff application based on project scope
  • Review and approve distribution design for submission to utility company
  • Provide technical review ensuring compliance with engineering standards and compliance with State of California General Orders 95 and 128

Stuart Johnson, Lead Design Engineer

During Stuarts 36 years of experience with PG&E, he helped design, review and coordinate electric service projects for Single, Multi-family Residential, Residential Sub-divisions, small and large commercial services.

Stuart has worked with many customers on the Central Coast, Central California, and the Sierra’s to help them find the best and most cost-effective ways to design and construct their projects. During his tenure with the Utility’s Electric Transmission and Distribution, Stuart worked with many local and national engineering contractors to help them get their projects approved both in the design and construction areas.

Stuart is well versed with the Utility Applicant Design process as he was charged with preparing the Applicant Design criteria (Globals) that provides Applicant Designers with necessary information to create project construction drawings, create material lists and prepare for costs and contracts. Stuart also worked with various work groups throughout the Utility’s service territory.

  • Provide support to design or project coordination team for Tariff application based on project scope
  • Review and approve distribution design for submission to utility company
  • Provide technical review ensuring compliance with engineering standards and compliance with State of California General Orders 95 and 128

Tyler Chase, Senior Design Specialist

Since joining EEI, Tyler has been a key player in several design projects, including the California Wildfire Safety Program, rebuild from the Camp Fire and North Complex Fire, equipment installation for PG&E’s Public Safety Power Shutoff, Rule 20 conversions, and pole and equipment replacements.

Tyler is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Provide support to project coordination team to complete application for service
  • Provide support to project coordination team in finalizing project scope
  • Complete Applicant Design according to utility standards
  • Provide applicable installation and support documentation to project coordination team for contractors and other utilities when applicable

Paul Nelson, Applicant Design Project Coordinator

Paul’s utility experience is extensive. He has worked in the electric line department and gas transmission as a field engineer for PG&E. Paul also has worked many years in various “customer focused” positions including project coordination for commercial and large industrial projects and supervising multiple departments within the new construction branch of the Utility.

Paul’s 20+ years of utility experience leads to a focused understanding directed towards Site Evaluation, utility gas and electric design/construction process, Construction Standards, tariff interpretation, contract review and customer counsel. Paul’s work covered much of the Bay Area Peninsula and the Central Valley.

Paul is a graduate of California State University, Fresno in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Field verify customer provided information and existing facilities to confirm project scope and accurate complete application for service
  • Provide all relevant measurements and information needed from the field to Design Team to aid in completing the Applicant Design.
  • Provide reference design documentation to contractors and utilities when applicable.