Energy Experts International

Energy Experts International (EEI) is an international management consulting firm,
specializing in energy supply, delivery, and utilization systems. Established in 1998, we
serve a diverse client base across the United States, as well as international clients. EEI
is a multi-faceted firm, bringing a full range of engineering, management consulting, and
field augmentation services to meet the needs of the energy industry.

Our corporate headquarters is located in the United States, in Redwood City, California,
just south of the San Francisco International Airport. Our Regional Offices are located in
Washington D.C., Chicago and San Francisco, with our Europe office strategically located in
Brussels, Belgium, the heart of the European Union’s governing body.

We are singularly focused on and committed to providing premier consulting and technical services
support to energy companies, organizations, and end-users. We provide expertise in four energy sectors:

  • Natural Gas
  • Electric Power
  • Oil (crude and refined liquids)
  • Clean Energy

Understanding the entire energy “food chain” enables us to provide a comprehensive consultation on a
variety of topics that span issues from utility operations management, market development,
regulatory issues, clean energy alternatives and sustainable energy strategies.

We make it our business to know everything there is about energy.

Helping our clients in dealing with rising energy costs and hedging risks are a very important part of
our services. We are also at the forefront of clean energy solutions, such as the Hydrogen alternative and renewable resources.

Service Philosophy


Key Contacts

Industry Representation

At EEI, we make it our business to stay informed of best practices, standards,
and new technology in the energy and utility industry. Our employees regularly participate in
professional and trade organizations, as well as technical committees, through corporate or
individual membership. These organizations collectively address common interests on behalf of EEI,
and other members, and advocate for the industry. Our involvement ensures us a voice in the industry
and the government, and keeps us on the leading edge of developments for our clients.

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