U.S. Introduction of Supraflow at the AGA Conference 2019 Nashville, TN

Energy Experts International (EEI) in conjunction with Grupo Torre (Torre Group) introduced a new high pressure tapping tee (Supraflow) at the American Gas Association (AGA) Conference 2019. The Supraflow tee is an intrinsically safe, large diameter hot tapping system for gas distribution systems up to 150 psi. It is 49 CFR Part 192 compliant. Torre Group is a Spanish firm that specializes in services and products for the natural gas industry. The Supraflow tee has been in use in the European Union for more than 15 years.  In 2013 Cliff Simon, EEI’s VP of European Office, visited with Torre Group in Barcelona, Spain to discuss the introduction of the Supraflow technology in the United States. This began the long trek of working with many stakeholders and organizations, to bring the innovative technology to the US.

EEI Vice President and General Manager Steve Gauthier supported the Torre Group team at the AGA conference (Apr 30 – May 3) by providing one-on-one demonstrations of the fitting to AGA attendees.

Steve (top image; left) along with Julie Maupin (top image; center), Engineering Manager of Peoples Gas, presented the “Field Trial of the Supraflow Large-Diameter, High Pressure, Live PE Branch Connection Fitting” session highlighting the implementation of the Supraflow tee on 4 high profile projects at Peoples Gas in Chicago, Illinois.

The first project involved installation of a 4” service for a new development in a heavily populated area of Chicago. A 12” PE main was inserted in to an existing 24” cast iron main. The Supraflow tee was used for the 4” service to the development.