Society of Gas Operators (SOGO)

On April 20, 2017, Energy Experts International delivered a presentation to the 574th Regular Meeting of the Society of Gas Operators at The Yale Club in New York, NY. The presentation, titled “The Supply Puzzle: Where it Comes From – Then and Now – What’s Next?” was a look at the past, present, and future natural gas supply portfolio to eastern and northeastern U.S. utilities. The presentation included a brief history of the natural gas supply infrastructure from the beginning of the industry to the early 2000s, a look at the change in the supply basins and extraction technologies that supply the eastern and northeastern U.S. utilities, and some thoughts on the near-term direction for continued supply.

The Society of Gas Operators, also known as SOGO, formed in 1948, has held over 574 business sessions, meeting on a monthly basis from September to May each year. Through its monthly meetings and philanthropy, SOGO has made a significant contribution to the industry. By providing a forum for speakers from inside and outside the industry, SOGO has served as a catalyst for necessary changes in the gas distribution industry over the past 50 years. In 1996 SOGO instituted its Heroism Award to provide recognition for extraordinary services or acts of heroism performed by an employee or member company.

SOGO currently consists of 70 utility members from 28 utilities along the East Coast ad 30 non-utility companies who have close ties to the natural gas industry.